SAME Tractors

SAME Tractors

SAME tractors (Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici) was founded in 1942, and has gained the trust of entire generations of farmers all over the world, becoming a point of reference for the hallmark values of solidity and practicality that it has always represented and that it continues to express to this day.

There’s an inseparable association between SAME and the world of farming, which the company has helped to modernise with its tractors and an endless series of technical innovations. Each model is modern, efficient, rugged and well-built, safe and reliable, a faithful and tireless partner.

The SAME Tractors range includes:

Open Field SAME Tractors

Virtus Stage IV – 120hp | 130hp | 140hp

Everything under control: exactly what you need when farming.

Explorer Stage 4 – 80hp | 90hp | 100hp | 110hp | 120hp

Tomorrow is another Explorer

Dorado – 80hp | 90hp | 90.4hp | 100.4hp

Manoeuverability and versatility are enhanced by the FARMotion engine

Dorado Classic – 70hp | 80hp | 90hp | 90.4hp

Versatility and simplicity for any type of use

Argon Stage III B – 70hp | 80hp | 90hp | 100hp

Even more power and performance than ever

Vineyard SAME Tractors

Frutteto – 80hp | 90hp | 100hp | 90.4hp | 105hp | 115hp

Powerful and robust, but also agile and easy to manoeuvre between rows

Frutteto S/V – 80hp | 90hp | 90.4hp | 100hp | 105hp | 115hp

Sturdy, agile and powerful

Frutteto Classic – 80hp | 80.4hp | 90hp | 90.4hp | 100hp | 105hp

Compact and simple to use, with superb performance.

Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive – 80hp | 90hp | 90.4hp | 100hp | 105hp | 115hp

The true leader in the specialised tractor sector

Compact SAME Tractors

Solaris – 35hp | 45hp | 55hp

A new design takes to the field