SlurryKat – Slurry Handling Equipment Without Limits

SlurryKat is a cutting-edge slurry solutions company based in Northern Ireland.

They export 140 different products to 18 countries worldwide.

They are the leading manufacturers of quality slurry tankers, umbilical slurry systems and farm trailers.

So farmers like you, worldwide, can benefit from using the best pieces of kit on your farm.

SlurryKat are considered a market leader in their field due to their rapid expansion since they formed in 1994.

Everything they manufacture, is designed with you in mind, which is why their products, are now being exported to so many countries.

Many of their products are award winning.

They pride ourselves in being able to produce exceptional slurry handling equipment and accessories.

All their equipment is engineered with design and quality at the forefront of their minds.

You and the needs of your farm are so important to them.

So they compliment their designs with a quality customer service associated with a blue chip organization.

They care about their customers so every detail of their designs, right down to the paint finish, is detail which they make sure they get right.

To ensure that they deliver for you every time, all of their equipment is extensively tested, at their research and development plant, by a team of professional agricultural contractors.

They pride themselves on being one of the only companies in this sector to invest so heavily in developing and testing equipment.

Their equipment must meet and surpass a robust quality process in order to provide you with high quality machinery which is built to last.

They use the latest cutting edge engineering techniques and systems to ensure SlurryKat equipment remains at the leading edge.

They employ highly skilled technicians and engineers to work on maintaining and improving their growing range of equipment.

All of which provides the SlurryKat brand with a competitive advantage.